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Status Anxiety

 Coat / Primark
Top, Jeans and Shoes / Topshop
Rings c/o / Rogue and Wolf
Lipstick / Mac "Russian Red"
Nail Varnish / Essie "Bikini so teeny"
Bag c/o / Status Anxiety

Can you believe this beautiful coat was from Primark and only cost £25! A lot for Primark, but not a lot for this coat at all! It's so cosy and well made, people often mistake it as one from Topshop. This was a steal at a fraction of the price! I've also seen it available in pink too!

This is a very practical and every day outfit for me, perfectly transitional for this weather, quite a summery outfit with the crop and jeans, although it's a long sleeved crop for a bit more warmth. The coat thrown on top just keep it that bit warmer.

So in love with these jeans from Topshop, although an extra £2 for holes in the knees! But to be honest I wouldn't trust myself to cut the slits, so at least it's been done correctly for me. I've had so many compliments for these, they are the perfect fit and haven't stretched out at all!

I went for my brass Rogue and Wolf rings to watch the coloured hardware on my new bag from Status Anxiety. I bag is pretty cool, it looks like a handbag but it's really a large wallet with all the note, coin space and card slots you could ever need! A perfect bag to pop to the shops with or take on a night out! All their bags are beautiful and another Australian brand I'm now obsessed with.

So they've kindly let me host a giveaway for you guys to have the chance to win one of their "Norma", "Molly" or "Maud" styles worth between $55-59 Australian Dollars in the colour of your choice!

Open worldwide. Starts 10/09/14 12:00AM GMT and ends 30/09/14 12:00AM GMT, winner will be picked at random and displayed on the widget on 30/09/14 and emailed that day by myself or Status Anxiety. If they do not reply within 3 days another winner will be picked and contacted.

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New York City Rollers

In this post I'm going to talk about velcro rollers and also my new vinyl wall sticker.
Application is pretty simple for these wall stickers. This one in particular, of New York City, came printed on two sheets. On both, two levels of sky line were printed one above the other. I cut these so they were four individual sections.

- First make sure you know where you want it to sit, and that it sits level. I used a pencil to mark around the outside so I knew where to stick it.
- Feel off the backing paper leaving the vinyl left stuck to the clear film.
- Carefully place your sticker onto your wall, sticking one side down first, then pushing out any air bubbles as you stick down the rest.
- Slowly peel off the clear film.

All packaging of this wall sticker is fully recyclable too.

If you fancied something for yourself, use code "leanneandHu2" for 20% off all Stickers (wall, laptop) and Art Prints until the end of September from Hu2

Now to the rollers!
Rollers / Primark
Shirt c/o / American Apparel

Note these pictures of the rollers were taken after sleeping in them, hence it looks a messy state :)

So here's the first time I attempted using velcro rollers! These were from Primark in both small and larger size.

First I washed my hair as normal, towel dried it a little, added my usual treatment products, then some Professional Sebastian Whipped Creme light conditioning style whip. This is meant to help set your hair for glamorous bouncy curls.

I blow dried my hair very slightly so it was damp. Starting with a large roller I added it long the middle of my hair at the front, a section not quite as wide as the roller. I used it almost as a brush, with it behind the section and brushed the section from the root up to the ends. I then rolled it back, all the way until it sat against my head. Repeating with more along the middle of my head. I also did this with two sections either side of my head. The velcro holds onto your hair to keep it in place.

For the lower half I used the smaller velcro rollers. I did not need to pin them at all, my hair's just the right length/thickness, if yours is long I'm assuming you'd need to pin them so they stay in place better.

I then decided to sleep in them, this was a tad uncomfortable to be honest. You can buy ones with a sponge inside which are meant to be slept in, but I cannot really see them making much difference to how awkward it is. But I didn't want to sleep on my hair after taking the rollers out and ruin all the volume.

So the pictures above was how they looked after sleeping in them, I then took them out and below is how it look. AMAZING volume! With no heat added! If you watch my recent video you'll see I did end up straightening the ends as they were very curly and I wasn't sure if it was a bit much! I'm going to get another set of larger rollers so next time I can try those all over my head so it's volume and not curls :)

I've watched tutorial where people add them in to dry hair. They curl their hair before, then add the rollers as the heat helps them set. If you do not wish to use heat, add them into damp hair, use a styling moose, let your hair fully dry, then take them out.

 Lipstick / Mac Russian Red
Dress / American Apparel

I'm really surprised at how effective these were! Especially as both sets cost me a total of around £3.50! The volume stayed in my hair for days, obviously not as much as in these pictures, but it was certainly noticeable. It was really easy to do too!

What are your thoughts on velcro rollers? Have you tried them before?

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Rogue and Wolf + Giveaway!

Jewellery c/o / Rogue and Wolf

If you follow me at all then you would have seen some of this jewellery already as I have been wearing it lots, especially the cat skull and sleep walk ring!

I first discovered Rogue and Wolf whilst at Pure Trade show in London, and fell in love with their unique designs straight away. Can you believe it is all 3D printed!! I love how they do different finishes which helps their pieces be more affordable. You can get some designs in a black plastic, in steel, in gold plated or solid sterling silver.

The slightly warmer items in my collection are the steel and the other two are solid sterling silver.

How cute is their packaging! The items come in little bags as down above!

Which is your favourite? Mine as to be the skull and silver sleep walk ring <3

If you fancied anything for yourself, use code "LEANNELIM20" for 20% off!

On to our giveaway! Enter via the widget below!

Giveaways is open worldwide, starts 25/08/2014 12:00AM GMT and ends 04/09/2014 12:00AM GMT. Winner is chosen at random and displayed on the widget on my blog and facebook page on 04/09/2014. They will be emailed, if there's no reply within 5 days another winner will be chosen at random and emailed.

Win a steel sleep walk ring worth £56! 

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The Fifth Quay

 Top c/o / The Fifth
Shorts c/o / Loveclothing
Belt & Bag / Topshop
Shoes c/o / Daniel Footwear
Ring c/o / Bloody Mary Metal
Quay Sunglasses c/o / Motel Rocks

Welcome to one of my favourite outfits. If you follow me on youtube you'll of heard of this top by The Fifth label many many times, and even seen it in my recent summer lookbook video. Who knew I would be so obsessed with a basic item, but when something gets it so right, oh it's good!

High neckline, low arm holes, flattering shoulder width makes this a winner for me. Seriously I've been after something like this for 3 or so years, no jokes.

I really do adore The Fifth's items, they've also recently started being stocked at Asos!

The whole look feels very chic and minimal, I pinned my hair back at the sides to go with the look a bit more. As the clothing is so simple I wanted to create pops of colour with the accessories. Welcome back those amazing Quay Australia sunglasses! My go to sunnies this summer! And I'm still muchly in love with my satchel I got from Topshop many years back.

Also I would like to apologise for my lack of posting on here recently, I've been posting lots of youtube videos which, if you do youtube yourself, you'll know takes up a lot of time. I even uploaded 3 videos in 3 days at one point, when I usually do one a week. I find it a struggle at times to be consistent with posting on both my blog and youtube when there's also other things like all the social platforms to go with them and also working. I've also recently tried fitting in more of a social life as managing all these things can take up all your time and you can feel quite lonely.

Moving forward, lets find a balance for everything. How do you guys do this?

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Lili Price Giveaway!

So I've teamed up with Lili Price Studio to host a new giveaway! The above is my favourite phone case which I've not taken off since I got in months back. Lovely slim fit and durable design. It's not worn off at all!

These are very resonablly priced at £12.99 for this iphone 4 model and available in a variety of designs for different phones too. If you fancied buying anything, use my code for 10% off - "leannelimwalker"

But if you fancied winning a case of your choice AND to be one of the first to also get a pocket mirror, enter via the widget below!

Open worldwide. Starts 7/08/12 12:00AM GMT and ends 19/08/14 12:00AM GMT, winner will be picked at random and displayed on the widget on 19/08/14 and emailed that day by myself. If they do not reply within 3 days another winner will be picked and contacted.

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Fashion Haul!

Posts & links mentioned in video:

Missguided shorts & Hype Jumper outfit
Missguided Coat outfit 
Autumn River Outfit
Choies Outfit

"leannelimwalker" for 20% off Motel Rocks

What I'm wearing:
Hat / Primark
Lips / Rimmel "Eastend snob" lip liner with Topshop "Innocent" lipstick
Necklace / Vivienne Westwood
Vampire Fang ring / Kasun London
Long finger ring / The Rogue and The Wolf
Bracelet / The Bohemian Collective
Nail Varnish / Nails inc "Mayfair Lane"
Hair Extensions / Superior Foxy Locks in Platinum (Use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order) 

Items mentioned I can link to:

Heels c/o Public Desire
Floral Bralet c/o Missguided
Black Bralet c/o Missguided
Coat c/o Missguided
Crochet Bralet c/o Missguided 
Shorts c/o Missguided
Briefs c/o Unmentionables
Bag c/o Iron Fist
Bunny tank c/o Iron Fist
Short c/o Iron Fist
Maxi Dress c/o Iron Fist
Croptop c/o Autumn River
Shoes c/o Daniel Footwear
Sandals c/o Daniel Footwear
Crop jumper c/o Hype
Short c/o Hype
Tshirt dress c/o Hype
Checked shorts c/o Motel Rocks
Yellow crop top c/o Motel Rocks
Yellow shorts c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy skirt c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy off the shoulder crop c/o Motel Rocks
Daisy crop c/o Motel Rocks
Stripe skirt c/o Motel Rocks
Tank c/o Choies
Dog skirt c/o Choies
Swimsuit c/o Clashist

For got to mention in the video the hat is from Primark, but I cannot link to it sorry!

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Autumn River

 Crop c/o / Autumn River
Jacket / Primark
Jeans c/o / Pretty Little Thing
Belt / Topshop
Heels / Matalan
Bracelet c/o / LaLuna accessories
Ring c/o / Druzy Dreams
Lipstick / Mac "Rebel"

 Once upon a time I never thought boyfriend jeans would suit me, until I tried these beauties from Pretty Little Thing! I think they are so flattering and the ripped details really edge them up. I love the look of boyfriend jeans with minimal strappy heels, so that's what I went for. I liked the idea of an all white outfit so also added a white crop top.

Just how pretty is that sterling silver leaf bracelet! I think I only own one other real silver bracelet and wanted to get more. I love how dainty it looks and it was only £6.99! This weekend only, use code "HAPPY15" for 15% off! They also donate 50p from every purchase to their local animal rescue kennels, how amazing is that!

I feel the jeans with the jacket give it a retro sort of feel to it, which I adore!

Are you a fan of boyfriend jeans?

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