For me, lingerie is up there with one of my other favourite things, jewellery. I'm fussy and usually I tend to like something a little different, often a little fancy.

Until more recently I found it always so hard to get bras as they rarely would even fit me so instead I was always more about buying fancy knickers. Now (for those who do not know I have had a little surgical help) I can get beautiful matching sets and search for some amazing lingerie brands out there. I'm not saying people need surgery to also do this by the way, merely explaining my more recent accumulation of new underwear. I've found so many brands via Instagram that I ended up creating a Pinterest board dedicated to amazing lingerie, from more independent brands to large well known companies, see it here.

I've now have been spending an unhealthy amount of time looking at beautiful lingerie, I'm so very much in love with brands like For Love and Lemons and recently purchased this halterneck bra from Asos (pictured below) it was ridiculously expensive, and the size isn't quite how I imagined. I got an XS and it doesn't fit as tightly around the ribs as I'd hope, I'm a 30inch band. Now I know that there's a place in Norwich, Proudlock & Harry, who stock For Love and Lemons, I'm so happy to go in and try on and get an idea of sizing for different styles too.
So the nova bra (now £20 at Asos) featured below is by Bluebella, understandably when I posted that very image on Instagram a fair few comments mentioned there wasn't much to it. BUT guys it really looks so amazing on. It's just hard to photograph on myself..
This brings me onto the main topic I wanted to write about in this post. I really adore lingerie, but I often worry about posting pictures of myself in such things. Not because what my parents might think, I would never post something which I knew they'd think was too much in the first place. But for what my followers might think. I don't want people to think I'm being too much, a slut etc. Slut shaming happens far too much these days. The above For Love and Lemons image had a girl calling me a slut, yet I'm far more covered up than the women/models on the brands page.

You see, we look at lingerie and most likely it's modelled by a girl we've never met, so one of the first things we're looking at is the underwear she's wearing. But when it's someone you know, whether in real life or online, the first thing you'll do is recognised them, or instantly feel a tad weird you've seen them in such a way. I have also felt myself at times feeling this towards other people, but then realised, shook it off and told them how amazing they looked. If I didn't already know them, I'm sure would have thought that right away!

I feel comfortable in my body and I'd like to share amazing lingerie with others who might like to discover something pretty too. Sometimes it does just look better on, like the Ann Summers body below, doesn't give a good idea at all on a hanger. If I'm okay with sharing such pictures then there shouldn't be a problem as it's my body right?
Often on social media, Instagram lets say, most imagery featuring lingerie doesn't show the woman's face, just head down, or if it does often they are looking away. Do we feel uncomfortable to be caught looking, does it make us more comfortable to be a voyeur? I noticed in my pics I shot I often did this too. Truth was I probably wasn't wearing making so didn't want to show my face. Sometimes is this better as then there's no added emotion, possible seductive expressions which could add the wrong feeling to the image?

When I wore the nova bra I actually felt amazing in it, the perfect fit and it was something so different to what I've ever seen before. It looks so feminine, classy and literally is perfection to me. But yes it doesn't leave much to the imagination, but it does look so much better on. So when I took a picture of myself it in, I made sure I was mostly covered up. Pictures of other women wearing it on their page made it look so amazing and I could see people commenting to their friends how amazing it was on after seeing it on my Instagram.
Some other brands I love.


Calvin Klein TopKnickers
UO exclusive TopKnickers
Is it weird to see the person photographing themselves as you no longer hold the gaze as the person behind the camera? Is it less weird for it to seem if someone else has taken the picture?

Often it's thought "sexy underwear" is bought by women to impress men. But why, perhaps that's the case for some. But for me, single for 2 years, I buy it solely for myself. So ladies, why not buy underwear because you deserve to treat yourself to something which makes you feel amazing. It's your body and if it makes you feel empowered then what's stopping you!

I just wish I was better at words and could get my point across, women in lingerie doesn't have to be slutty, it can be beautiful, tasteful and classy. Lets not bring others down, celebrate them for feeling confident or comfortable in their bodies. Lets help bring each other up girls!

Also yes, underwear doesn't always need to be shown on like below :)
Topshop bra
I also know not everyone will have the same taste in lingerie as me, there really is something for everyone online. Check out the worlds largest lingerie blog, I also descovered feminist underwear, underwear to resist the male gaze.

Who are your favourite lingerie brands? I'd love to check them out!

So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to host a giveaway!
Open worldwide. Enter using the widget below to win this Ines set in size small by Blue Bella! I don't mean to exclude with the size, I was sent this, but after trying on only the top and it not fitting I thought why not give it away. If this goes well thought I would love to approach Bluebella to do another giveaway. Check their sizing on there site here.

Winner will be picked at random and contacted within 2 days of end of the giveaway. If the winner doesn't respond within 5 days then a new winner will be chosen.
Bluebella Ines Set Giveaway
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Mystic Mermaid with Schwarzkopf LIVE!

So remember back to this post announcing my upcoming collaboration with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour? Well, everything is going live very soon! I'm excited to share everything with you as I'm so so pleased with how the images turned out, especially the head shots against the pink backdrop! You may also spot me in moving adverts around the UK too! So very surreal!

What do you guys think about the turquoise colour? It was really easy to achieve! I mixed turquoise temptation with some Essensity conditioner to make a more pastel shade and added this to the mid lengths, so it would blend much easier with the rest of my hair. Next I added turquoise temptation from the Ultra Brights range straight from the tube to the ends for a more intense colour. 

I've found it a lot of fun trying a new colour and have noticed it works really well to the style of clothes I've been wearing recently too.

On one of the days we filmed a Q&A all about some of the most common questions I get asked about my hair like: How long semi permanent colour lasts? Why there is no developer lotion? How do I make Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights into pastel colours? If you have been asking these questions yourself, then watch the videos below to find out all the answers and lots of other helpful colouring tips and tricks I picked up from the professionals at Schwarzkopf!

Some behind the scenes from the 2 day shoot:
Make sure you also check out the hashtag #LIVELookbook and their website for some tips on colouring and new inspiration as well as part two of my video.

 This post was kindly sponsored by Schwarzkopf LIVE
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Maleficent DIY Halloween Outfit

This evening I'm at Gleam's Halloween Party dressed as Maleficent, I thought it was the perfect time to embrace the spirit of Halloween and up my DIY outfit making skills and share how I did it all with you guys. As long as you have the horns, red lips and contoured cheekbones people should guess you're Maleficent. So on to how I made them:

Step 1: Create the horns
I saw several ways of doing this step, I chose to make mine out of tin foil, I did also buy some foam to carve out the shapes but foil seemed like the easiest option.

 For the textured, to be honest I couldn't be bothered to glue on string so I added small hair ties spaced evenly across both horns.
 Use black tape straight from the roll in one go to cover the horns, keep it taught.
I only had thin head bands so I tapped two together.
 I didn't have any hot glue so I decided to tape to horns onto the headband.
 For the textured front part I cut out some fabric from an old handbag, making sure I used a template first so it was even and tapped it onto the headband.
Using satin, wrap this around to cover up the headband and your hair. All done!

For the collar:

I cut out a template using paper, then cut two of these out of foam and pinned them together at the back.
To secure I used the string from the lace crown wrapped around my neck and threaded it through small holes I made in the collar.

To complete the look I added a feather cape which I later added some satin to making a long cape.
Feather cape / Topshop (old)
Lace crown worn as a choker / Rock'N'Rose
Dress / Topshop

Watch how I did the makeup in my video here!
Happy Halloween! What are you guys going as this year?

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I was invited along to Disneyland with The Blogger Programme, 3 days of fun with some of my favourite girls. The absolute dream! I never got to go to Disneyland as a child, I've been briefly twice before and those felt rushed as I only spent a day there each time. Finally being able to experience it all properly and not in a rush was something I really needed as of late.
Day 1

Early trip on the Eurostar straight to Disneyland!
Once we arrived we went to our rooms in the Disneyland Hotel, they'd been so generous and left us all a little something, plush toys, champagne, chocolates, fresh fruit, Minnie Mouse ears, you name it, it was there!

Into the park we went, grabbed some food and first ride of the day was Space Mountain! Then on to finding a good spot for the parade, something I've never seen before and it was so magical even in the rain. Cramming in a few more rides, then before we knew it, it was time for the ever spectacular Disney Dream fire works display! (Check out my vlog below for all these things!)

We ended the night having dinner with lots of characters at Inventions at the Disneyland Hotel, a self service buffet affair. Mickey loved my top ;)

Day 2

After breakfast we ventured to Walt Disney Studios to film on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! (Have to watch this in my vlog!) Then onto more rides, one of my favourites being the Finding Nemo one!

For lunch we went to Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland, Disneyland Park. As you feast on French cuisine you are visited by lots of different princesses and princes.

After lunch we filmed on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril! It was so much fun, we went on three times, I scream all the while!

Next stop was the castle, we all got lots of group shots and selfies here, then we even had a photo opportunity with Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

Time is flying by, we go back to freshen up in our hotel rooms, then get a very special tour of The Sleeping Beauty Suite, most famously Michael Jackson even stayed there! We spotted his signature underneath the grand piano. The suit has it's own kitchen, dinning room, several connecting rooms if required. The balcony has THE most amazing view, straight in front of the castle <3

We then had an hour with their award winning barmen in the Games room at Cafe Fantasia followed by a gourmet dinner at California Grill in the Disneyland Hotel. We sampled the Tinkerbell menu as recommended by the waiter, I have to say, the duck I had was the best I've ever had. It felt so fancy there, we even got to order our cocktails from an iPad. 

Day 3

We had breakfast, checked out in the morning and handed our luggage to be taken straight to the Eurostar, this is very convenient as we got to spend more time at the park and also explored the near by discounted designer shopping village, La Vallee. I may have finally got myself some Celine flats!

After a couple of hours we ventured back to the park to squeeze in a few more rides before going back home on the Eurostar.
Have you been to Disneyland before? If so which was your favourite ride?
If not, I highly recommend going, it's really for all ages, it's so magical and fun and I'm going to be going back for years to come I'm certain! It was great to go with some girls who'd not before, sharing their first magical trip and seeing them realise how much there is to do!

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